Sunday, 13 February 2011

Winning students from sponsored Leeuwenburgh project

Steve Hancock Managing Director of Leeuwenburgh Veneers Visited the University for the final judging of the project.
The four winners work will be exhibited at the Surface Design show London in February 2011

The winning students are
  • Jessica England
  • Laura Dobson
  • Katie Fisher
  • Laura Greenwood

What wood it be?

A selection of the veneer design work by second year surface design students. The students have been testing the veneer through multiple processes and application of laser etching and cutting, printing and binding encasing smart materials within the veneers for a responsive surface.

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Leeuwenburgh sponsored project breifing

For the second year running Leeuwenburgh have sponsored a design project with our second year surface design students. The students have been working with samples of Leeuwenburgh veneers to produce design concepts for a range of product ideas including.
  • Lighting concepts
  • Flooring
  • Wall coverings
  • Furniture inlays
  • Transport

2D to 3D Anthony tests plastic structures for lighting concepts

Students begin to structure and test materials during a studio workshop

The ideas for applications of katagami stencils begin

  • Once the stencils are scanned a file is created for laser cutting
  • The delicate structure is etched out into cork
  • Possibilities for applications to stone and wood are thought through
  • Can we etch the stencils into metal or glass? or digitally print onto ceramics.

Beautiful hand cut Japanese Katagami stencils

We are all wowed by the intricate hand cut stencils the skill and patience to create such art is almost unimaginable yet these traditional stencils were created purely for application of rice paste or dye paste onto textiles before dyeing to create a resist pattern.

Research collaboration with artist in residence Pip Dickens

Jo Harris and Pip Dickens are collaborating through a research project with the department of Music. Pip introduces her research project to the final year students showing them examples of Japanese katagami stencils. The delicate stencils have been scanned and are being laser cut out of a stronger and more durable material for a series of printing applications to hard material surfaces.

Final year Surface Design students begin their material research

After a series of material planning meetings during the summer months the start of the autum term is kiked off by introducing  a selection of substrates and material references to final year Surface Design students.

Let the thinking begin!

Preparation for materials presentation to final year Surface Design students at the start of term

Academic and Technical staff discuss possible techniques for applications to materials

Academic team categorise material samples

Academic team reserching samples of materials

During the summer term 2010 Jo Harris and Sue Ripley look through the collection of materials.